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Regency Rio Rosewood Cabinet

Regency Rio Rosewood Cabinet

Code: 10415


W: 140cm (55.1")H: 107cm (42.1")D: 45cm (17.7")

£5,500.00 Approx $6944.44, €6425.23, £5500

A Regency Rio Rosewood Cabinet of superb quality and exhibiting heavy architectural influences throughout its design.

When purchased a large and impressive mirror was set above it (also listed for sale Code: 10124).

Spotlight | Georgian Period, 1714-1837

The word Georgian is synonymous with exceptional quality and design, thanks in part to the high standard of 18th century furniture. The makers took guidance from the architecture of the time, which cherished the Greek and Roman rules of correct proportion. It was an age of classical educations and grand tours; Britain's aristocracy set the trends, to be repeated in cottage and mansion alike.

Early Georgian furniture attempted to progress the gentle, domestic Queen Anne style, with more elaborate cornices and thicker cabriole legs. The introduction of mahogany from Cuba in the 1720s encouraged grander, heavily architectural pieces, until the middle of the century when designers such as Thomas Chippendale developed an English version of French rococo. Furniture-makers later dabbled with Gothic, Chinese and neo-classical styles. For the latter part of the century designs were led by George Hepplewhite and Thomas Sheraton.