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German sculpture of folklore figure Till Eulenspiegel.

German sculpture of folklore figure Till Eulenspiegel.

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W: 10cm (3.9")H: 40cm (15.7")D: 10cm (3.9")


A very unusual antique sculpture of the German folklore figure Till Eulenspiegel. Hand carved from solid alabaster and of European origin. He is in good and solid condition with a few small chips to the base. 40cms tall. 15 3/4 inches tall.
Till Eulenspiegel is a notable character from German folklore and the protagonist in a number of folktales. Most recognized for his trickery, it may surprise people to know that Till Eulenspiegel could actually be based on a real person who lived during the 14th century. But the most popular tales of Till Eulenspiegel were written during the 16th century and may have been written with an eye on social criticism wrapped in humor.
 A Man of ‘Wise Reflection’?
The character’s surname, ‘Eulenspiegel’, may be translated literally to mean ’owl glass’ or ‘owl mirror’. Metaphorically speaking, this name has been interpreted to mean ‘wise reflection’. Considering that Eulenspiegel plays the part of the fool, he serves as a mirror by which society could judge itself. According to another interpretation, the owl was regarded as the Devil’s bird during the Middle Ages, thus, his tales could be seen as lessons for the reader to face his/her own foolishness and shortcomings.