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Gunni Omann rosewood dining table

Gunni Omann rosewood dining table

Code: 10492


W: 145cm (57.1")H: 73cm (28.7")D: 90cm (35.4")


A midcentury Model 54 extendable dining table in rosewood designed by Gunni Omann for Møbelfabrik.Danish furniture manufacturing company Omann Jun Møbelfabrik A/S was founded by Andreas Omann in 1933. The family-run business initially focused on the production of bedroom furniture but later, in 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, expanded into all home furniture  made in high-quality woods, such as teak, oak, and rosewood, which were exported worldwide. Members of the Omann family developed the designs in house. These pieces feature many hallmarks of Scandinavian modernist design, like beautiful grained surfaces, tapered legs, and bevelled edges. Interestingly, Gunni Omann is often falsely attributed as the designer, however he never designed furniture for the company, but was instead only involved in sales.

H: 73cm W: 145cm  253.5cm D: 90cm   We have stripped and polished this table and it is in perfect condition.Home ready.