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Probate Valuations & Full House Clearances

Probate Valuations & Full House Clearances

Minerva Antiques  specialise in Probate valuations and complete Probate home clearances . We conduct house contents valuations for probate and insurance valuations and offer a comprehensive bespoke probate house clearance service.

We have over 30 years in the business and work directly for Solicitors and Estate agents as well as undertaking private instructions.

We take care that our operations have minimal environmental impact.

We have three methods of disposal:

  • Re purpose: We ensure that as much of the furniture we clear from a home clearance is re purposed. We donate items of furniture to charities and non profit organizations, to give them a new lease of life.
  • Recycling: Where re-purposing is not possible, we recycle materials to be processed by local authorities. This includes paper, glass, plastic and metals.
  • Responsible disposal: Only the residue of non re-usable material is disposed of using local authority refuse amenities. At present, we either re-purpose or recycle 80% of a typical clearance.

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