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Antique Gilded rope Overmantle Mirror


Code: 10494


W: 136cm (53.5")H: 145cm (57.1")D: 14cm (5.5")

An Antique Maritime rope Overmantle mirror or wall mirror.The style reflects the era and period of Naval supremacy and the importance of global exploration.The rope is shown throughout the National Maritime museum home furnishings collection at the meridian line in Greenwich,London ,England and the age of the mirror can be dated to the 1840's.
The Antique mirror has been touch restored in 23 1/2 carat gold leaf water gilding as retains the "untouched period finish" you would expect in a museum or Stately home.The Mirror retains the original mercury backed mirror plate which has a few foxing areas ,however has an almost perfect reflection otherwise.We have showed all defects in the photos.For us this shows the 180 years of age whilst still being completely practical.Please note the foxing is so high than when on the fireplace it is above the human reflection.
A great example of an early high value client bespoke Antique mirror in the Georgian period circa 1840.